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The New Louis Vuitton Store in Séoul
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Louis Vuitton announces the grand opening of Maison Seoul, a new South Korean flagship store on the hights of Cheongdam-dong avenue.

Full of contemporary and traditional inspiration, Louis Vuitton Maison Seoul brings together two world-renown architects’ visions: Frank Gehry’s poetic façade and Peter Marino’s dynamic interiors. Throughout the store’s five floors, all of Louis Vuitton’s collections are able to be experienced in a variety of intimate spaces, connected by an airy, floating staircase.

The curved glass facade from Franck Gehry is similar to the Louis Vuitton fondation of Paris from the same architect but is also inspired by the Hwaseong fortress built in the 18th century.

A poetic structure created primarily using Gehry’s trademark curved glass. Each panel specially molded and attached to a bespoke metal lattice. The glass covers the entire front of the structure, beginning with a high zig-zagging vestibule and window, leading up to a series of enclosed terraces and culminating in waves of louvered glass panels, to give an impression of flight, or of the roof of the building itself evaporating into the clouds above. The walls and base of the building are constructed from white stone to enhance this sense of weightlessness.

“The interior spaces were designed with a ‘Miesian’ rigor to more strongly emphasize the billowing energetic sculptural quality of Gehry’s exterior. The interior stone flows in from the exterior. The dynamism of the rectangular volumes cleanly contrasts with the baroque glass shields of the building”, says Peter Marino.

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