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Street Art in Berlin 2012
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Street Art in Berlin 2012

Torstrasse 111 is an upcoming contemporary location for art, created by a group of artists who restored the buildings original structure and created in that way various art spaces and studios. I was invited to document the painting action by well-known Washington-native and now Berlin-based urban artist James Bullough, who spray-painted two huge giants onto the walls of one of the new art spaces…

For more info about Torstrasse 111 and James Bullough, read the post on! Here comes the corresponding photo-story:

Mural in Progress

James Bullough - Climbing Up

James Bullough - Mural Art

James Bullough - Mural

James Bullough - Berlin Mural

James Bullough in Berlin

James Bullough - Spray Painting

James Bullough - Wall Painting

Next to James Bullough

James Bullough in Action


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