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A Study About Different Elements Of Graffiti
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A Study About Different Elements Of Graffiti

AR Graffiti is a new study about the different elements of Graffiti made by artist collective WERC.

A graffiti piece is static, a snapshot, a moment in time. Augmented reality (AR) is dynamic, a digital layer that is added over the physical reality. The Dutch collective WERC investigates whether the added values and principles with which they work in digital media can also be applied to traditional graffiti. This way, they are trying to bring the medium of graffiti to a higher level.

By projecting the layers back on the wall, the layers from the graffiti piece that are underneath the paint, are being brought back towards the surface. This way it becomes possible to create endless variations, using the different elements from the different designs.

WERC consists of different teams working on various disciplines. Characteristic for the collective is their experiments with new media and techniques; they are always looking for new configurations and challenges.

The artist collective WERC consists of Joachim Rümke, Olav Huizer, Joachim de Vries, and Jelle Valk. It is located in Groningen. Jelle Valk designed the outline for ‘AR Graffiti’. Other projects made by WERC can be found at

Picture by WERC

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