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Maclean’s Photography Artfully Transforms The Human Body
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Maclean’s Photography Artfully Transforms The Human Body

The London-based photographer Flora Maclean’s photography is characterized by clean lines and close crops.

Her shots in bold primary colors, her work — which spans portraiture, documentary, and still life — has a certain graphic sensibility. Her subjects are often anonymous, their faces hidden or excluded from her frame, their physical form abstracted through the elimination of context.

Flora Maclean studied menswear design at the University of Brighton but has been fascinated with taking pictures since she was a child. Once moved to London, she become a freelance photographer and has worked on projects about domestic abuse and women’s football as well as shoots for fashion brands.

“I’ve always liked taking photos … but I never thought of it as a career until very recently,” she says. “I have memories of going round photographing stuff with my sister when we were at Eurocamp. I used to love using disposable cameras to photograph anything – shapes and colours. I liked that you could manipulate the surroundings to look weird and different.”


All images © Flora Maclean
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