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Multi-Cultural Street Art | Marka27
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Multi-Cultural Street Art | Marka27

We have an amazing street artist to share with you today. Marka27 is originally from Mexico but grew up in Texas, before studying fine arts in Massachusetts. His work is always colourful and his multi-cultural influences are evident – he usually manages to include some South American references in his work, whether in the form of traditional colours, ethnic patterns, or indigenous people. See a selection of his work below, and head to his website for even more.


Images: Marka27

Marka27_feeldesain_01 Marka27_feeldesain_02 Marka27_feeldesain_03 Marka27_feeldesain_04 Marka27_feeldesain_05 Marka27_feeldesain_06 Marka27_feeldesain_07 Marka27_feeldesain_08

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