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SOS Children’s Village | Urko Sanchez Architects
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SOS Children’s Village | Urko Sanchez Architects

This award-winning social architecture project was a challenging one for Urko Sánchez Architects. The 2,600m2 space in Tadjourah, Djibouti, was created for SOS The Children and contains 15 houses. The greatest challenge facing the architects was the fact that this area is known for its scorching temperatures. They created a village with walls encouraging natural ventilation, plenty of shade, and pedestrian-only streets to keep children as safe as possible. There’s plenty of space for the kids of the village to play, and the homes have all been designed for optimum ventilation and complete privacy. More images on the architects’ website.

All images: Javier Callejas

ChildrensVillage_feeldesain_01 ChildrensVillage_feeldesain_02 ChildrensVillage_feeldesain_03 ChildrensVillage_feeldesain_04 ChildrensVillage_feeldesain_05 ChildrensVillage_feeldesain_06 ChildrensVillage_feeldesain_07 ChildrensVillage_feeldesain_08 ChildrensVillage_feeldesain_09 ChildrensVillage_feeldesain_10 ChildrensVillage_feeldesain_11 ChildrensVillage_feeldesain_12 ChildrensVillage_feeldesain_13

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