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Goody’s Burger House | Lantavos Projects
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Goody’s Burger House | Lantavos Projects

Goody’s Burger House is Greece’s answer to McDonalds, and if these photos are anything to go by, is a pretty stylish fast food chain. Lantavos Projects was the architectural studio chosen to revamp a restaurant in Athens, and this is the result of their refurbishment. The finished restaurant is open and spacious, while maintaining plenty of seating space for customers, and has an American-inspired industrial feel to it. Fun graphic designs on floors and walls, and interesting lighting choices give a very modern touch.


Photos: Nikos Girinis via DesignBoom


Goodys_feeldesain_02 Goodys_feeldesain_03 Goodys_feeldesain_04 Goodys_feeldesain_05 Goodys_feeldesain_06 Goodys_feeldesain_07

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