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Bright Murals in London | Stinkfish
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Bright Murals in London | Stinkfish

Have you ever heard of Colombian street art whizz Stinkfish? If not, let us introduce you. The South American artist started his career in Bogotà, before taking his art around the world in recent years. He works primarily from photographs, transforming images taken around the world into colourful, almost psychedelic street art. The images below are some of his recent projects in London, where he worked from images taken in Tunisia and Cambodia. The image of a young boy (on Clare Street near Hackney Road) is a collaboration with Mexican artist Mazatl, and used a combination of techniques including stencils and freehand spray work in a variety of bright colours. See more of Stinkfish’s work on his website.


Images: Stinkfish

Stinkfish_feeldesain_01 Stinkfish_feeldesain_02 Stinkfish_feeldesain_03 Stinkfish_feeldesain_04 Stinkfish_feeldesain_05 Stinkfish_feeldesain_06 Stinkfish_feeldesain_07 Stinkfish_feeldesain_08

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