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“More than One Thing” is the last anamorphic project by Truly
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“More than One Thing” is the last anamorphic project by Truly | Urban Artists, designed for the launch of the new Volkswagen T-Cross model.

The scenario is once again the Tortona district, one of the most dynamic and innovative district of Milan. Here’s located in the headquarter of the Archiproducts co-networking space, the world’s largest informative and inspirational source for architecture and design. Open to public until April 14th, 2019 At Opificio 31, Milan (Italy).

Talks Content and PHD Italia teamed up with DDB to create, in collaboration with Truly Urban Artists, a great anamorphic installation.

The team was inspired by the concept “More than One Thing”: at the first glance the artwork looks like as a unique representation, but that’s actually a multifaceted reality made out of mirrors and reflections.

Aesthetically the composition is a set of many different abstract shapes. They’re splitted all over the room: on the floor, on the ceiling and even on the furniture, but they actually match in a unique whole reflection on a polyedric mirror. The installation is perceived as a random sequence of geometrical forms that surround the viewer, but eventually…

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The anamorphosis is an optical phenomenon. To remove the distortion and bring the image back to the way you normally expect to see it, you have to view it in a special way. This might be using a curved mirror or from a particular direction. Because you have to look in a particular way or from a special point, only one person can see it correctly at a time. These anamorphic images do not make sense unless you know how or where to place your eye.

The anamorphosis has been studied since Renaissance and Baroque era.

Nowadays the anamorphosis keeps fascinating the audience. Since each anamorphic image is special for the viewer, each type has its own way to be looked at. The fun of anamorphic art is to LOOK rather than expect. Be surprised.

The collective Truly now focuses fully on figurative and abstract anamorphic art, a technique known since the early Renaissance. Using perspective, this practice generates surreal 3D images which merge with the surrounding environment. Motivated by a taste for architecture and urban art, Truly enjoy working on the street as much as they do in museums. To see more, visit “Supersymmetry” by Truly.

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