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Monumental Nobodies | Matthew Quick
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Monumental Nobodies | Matthew Quick

Matthew Quick is an Australian artist with a good sense of humour. His paintings depict some of the most famous sculptures from around the world, with the addition of little hints of modern life. As well as being funny to look at, the paintings definitely show some of the more absurd elements of life in this day and age and certainly provide a kind of social commentary (also helped by the amusing titles Quick gives to each painting). Our personal favourites are The Eternal Struggle depicting a classical male Greek sculpture at war with his vacuum cleaner, and The Emperor’s New Clothes, or better, Julius Caesar sporting a rather comical woolly hat. Enjoy a selection of Quick’s work below.

MonumentalNobodies_feeldesain_01 MonumentalNobodies_feeldesain_02 MonumentalNobodies_feeldesain_03 MonumentalNobodies_feeldesain_04 MonumentalNobodies_feeldesain_05 MonumentalNobodies_feeldesain_06 MonumentalNobodies_feeldesain_07 MonumentalNobodies_feeldesain_08 MonumentalNobodies_feeldesain_09 MonumentalNobodies_feeldesain_10

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