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Enchanted Forest | Foresta Lumina
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Enchanted Forest | Foresta Lumina

Focusing on the park’s natural light, its beauties and mysteries, Foresta Lumina is an illuminated nocturnal course created for one of Quebec’s most frequented pathway, famous for its suspended footbridge, the longest in North America.

The pathway was designed for people of ALL AGES. Emphasizing on scenography, lighting and video mapping while enjoying original soundtrack music, you are invited into a universe inspired by the region’s fictitious heritage and Quebec forest mythology.

Creative concept and realization by Moment Factory.

Foresta Lumina Feeldesain02 Foresta Lumina Feeldesain03 Foresta Lumina Feeldesain04 Foresta Lumina Feeldesain05 Foresta Lumina Feeldesain06 Foresta Lumina Feeldesain07 Foresta Lumina Feeldesain08 Foresta Lumina Feeldesain09 Foresta Lumina Feeldesain10 Foresta Lumina Feeldesain01

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