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Minimal Artisan Furniture | Retrobottega
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Minimal Artisan Furniture | Retrobottega

Another great Made in Italy brand for you today: Retrobottega is a studio which works with local artisans in order to produce furniture and accessories which combine craft with industrial. The minds behind the brand use artisan techniques to work with wood and metal in order to create a distinctive collection which is both minimal and full of character. So far, their collection includes tables, chairs, bookshelves and lights, all made in their characteristic style. Check out some images below, and see more from Retrobottega on their Facebook page.


Images courtesy of Retrobottega

Retrobottega_feeldesain_01 Retrobottega_feeldesain_02 Retrobottega_feeldesain_03 Retrobottega_feeldesain_05 Retrobottega_feeldesain_06 Retrobottega_feeldesain_07


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