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Couture Photography | Cathleen Naundorf

From the 14th January to the 27th February at the Edwynn Houk Gallery in New York, you can find an exhibition showcasing the work of German fashion photographer Cathleen Naundorf. Her high fashion pictures have a stunningly cinematic quality, bringing out the detailed designs of the clothes on the models through the use of stunning backdrops and well thought out positions. A selection of images can be found below, more on Cathleen’s website.


Images Cathleen Naundorf via Fubiz

CathleenNaundorf_feeldesain_01 CathleenNaundorf_feeldesain_03 CathleenNaundorf_feeldesain_05 CathleenNaundorf_feeldesain_06 CathleenNaundorf_feeldesain_07 CathleenNaundorf_feeldesain_08 CathleenNaundorf_feeldesain_09 CathleenNaundorf_feeldesain_10

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