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Middle Fork | Tree Sculpture
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Middle Fork | Tree Sculpture

The Middle Fork project began in April 2014 in a forest near the middle fork of the Snoqualmie river in the Cascade foothills. The sculpture is currently in progress and on view at MadArt in Seattle, WA. through April 25, 2015. The sculpture will travel to venues around the US and internationally for two years. After being exhibited, the sculpture will be returned to the base of the standing old-growth Hemlock it was cast from to gradually moss over and disintegrate into the ground.

Middle-Fork---MadArt-feeldesain 01

Middle-Fork---MadArt-feeldesain 02

Middle Fork – MadArt from John Grade on Vimeo.

Middle-Fork---MadArt-feeldesain 03

Middle-Fork---MadArt-feeldesain 03b

Middle-Fork---MadArt-feeldesain 04

Middle-Fork---MadArt-feeldesain 05

Middle-Fork---MadArt-feeldesain 06

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