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MetroCard Collages
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MetroCard Collages

 New York City is filled with commuters, so on any given day you’re bound to find discarded MetroCards, the people’s ticket to public transportation, in the subway and even in the city streets. Most pedestrians wouldn’t think twice about these yellow and blue cards that litter the urban setting, but New York-based artist Nina Boesch not only notices them, but she utilizes their limited color palette for her own impressive artworks that pay homage to the Big Apple.

Boesch’s MetroCard Collages series makes use of countless expired and used MetroCards by cutting, composing, and upcycling them into remarkable mosaics of landmarks and iconic figures that are central to the city that never sleeps. From the Statue of Liberty and the taxicabs that fill and personalize the city’s landscape to iconic staples like Woody Allen and Robert De Niro, each of the designer’s collages tackle subjects that define New York.

There’s certainly something to be said about her ability to interestingly define the culturally rich city with such stylized precision. It is no simple task to work only with the colors found on the MetroCard—yellow, orange, and blue on the face of the card; black and white on the back. She even manages to execute a sense of perspective and brilliantly recreate typography like the heading of The New York Times.

Boesch’s creations range from compact 5″ x 7″ works to large-scale portraits that reach a size of 40″ x 30″.
She is continually adding to her collection and is currently open to suggestions for commissioned work.

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