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Mark Khaisman Tapework / Pannelli retroilluminati e nastro adesivo
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Mark Khaisman Tapework / Pannelli retroilluminati e nastro adesivo

Mark Khaisman was born 1958, Kiev, Ukraine

He says about his works:

“My works are large archetypal representational images, made from layer upon layer of translucent packing tape, applied to clear Plexiglas and placed in front of a light box to give the image shadow and depth. I see my tape art as a form of painting. The 2-inch tape acts as a wide brush, and the light behind the panels as an alchemist’s luminous blending medium. In working with tape, like in painting, accident and control are always present.”

“My Tape Art is a conversation with light. I started it like a traditional stained glass artist, but with tape: I found I could continue my conversation with light, but in a more expedient manner. I might have never thought of this “medium” if not for my working in stained glass. Yet, tapes happened to be much more than just a replacement of the stained glass medium. It miraculously bonded together all my previous experiences.”

“I would call it post-conceptual, because the image I create prevails the meaning. By analogy, I experience meanings applied by my works as the thin layers, the tape layers, if you wish. In image building, I consciously select the iconic images and work them down to maximum reduction, to the point where the brain of a viewer is still able to decipher it as the familiar.”

[ via khaisman studio ]

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