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IKO | Carlos Arturo Torres Tovar
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IKO | Carlos Arturo Torres Tovar

Design is always cool when it’s used to help people, and this LEGO-compatible prosthetic arm is particularly awesome. The prototype was designed for and tested by a little boy named Dario, after designer Carlos Arturo Torres Tovar, who was working at the secretive LEGO Future Lab at the time, studied the needs of disabled children, not just on a physical but also on a social and psychological level, and decided to create something that would allow kids with disabilities to express their creativity through the colourful little bricks. He collaborated with CIREC, a foundation for physical rehab, and created this special tool which allows Dario to build his own prosthetics, and play in a creative and, most importantly, fun way. Watch the video below to see more.

IKO_feeldesain_01 IKO_feeldesain_02 IKO_feeldesain_03 IKO_feeldesain_04 IKO_feeldesain_05 IKO_feeldesain_06 IKO_feeldesain_07 IKO_feeldesain_08

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