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Rip Cord Concept

Rip Cord Concept

Packaging tape works entirely too well keeping the contents of a box secure inside, but when it’s time to re-open the package, it’s a hassle of needing keys, scissors or a blade. The solution is to uses this cool new...

Braille Tape

Braille Tape

What we have today is the Braille Tape; I think it’s the simplest and most functional of them all. It’s just a sticky tape with parallel dots that you can hand punch to write a Braille message. Label bottles or...

Optical Illusions

A few years ago, I published the outdoor art of Askash Nihalani. Now, you can view his latest work at Flickr!   Notes from the artist’s statement: My street work consists mostly of isometric rectangles and squares. I selectively place...

Tape Installation

DMY Berlin 2010: designers For Use/Numen of Vienna and Zagreb wove a web of adhesive tape around scaffolding at the DMY Berlin venue in the Tempelhof former airport last week. The project involved wrapping 45 km of tape about the...

Illusion Tape

Product designers Hyoungmin Park and Jeongmin Lee have created a tape roll with realistic looking hinges on it. It looks pretty interesting on a box. [ via illusion.scene360 ]

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