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Manor House Stables
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Manor House Stables

Architects of AR Design Studio have converted an old horse stable—located in a small village of Headbourne Worthy, Hampshire, England—into a house.
Called ‘Manor House Stables’, the house was once home to a horse named “Lovely Cottage”, which won UK’s largest horse race, Grand National, in 1946.

The dated features of brick and stone walls, timber partitions and gable-shaped roof of the single-story house were still kept as they were,
and cleaned up; but most of its interior underwent refurbishment—to turn the stable into a contemporary three-bedroom family house.

To retain the timber partitions, the architects had to push the stretch of corridor of the house in front.
Rooms were created with three bedrooms in the western-end of a building, a kitchen and dining room in the middle, and a longue on the eastern-side that opens out to a small terrace.
The architects also reused various original features of the stable, such as the doors and horse troughs (as sink basins) and restored them in the house.
The eclectic mix of historical and modern, juxtaposed against a backdrop of a picturesque countryside, gives the home a warm and sophisticated feel.

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