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Macro Cats’ Eyes | Andrew Marttilla
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Macro Cats’ Eyes | Andrew Marttilla

Andrew Marttilla got over his “deathly” cat allergy as he was desperate to spend time with the furry creatures. He’s gone on to become a well known pet photographer in the USA, taking pictures which really show the personalities of animals. We especially love his macro photography which shows every detail of feline eyes. Looking this close at cats’ eyes, you can really appreciate the amazing colours and even see a little hint of each cat’s character. Check out the series below.

eyescat_feeldesain_01 eyescat_feeldesain_02 eyescat_feeldesain_03 eyescat_feeldesain_04 eyescat_feeldesain_05 eyescat_feeldesain_06 eyescat_feeldesain_07 eyescat_feeldesain_08 eyescat_feeldesain_09 eyescat_feeldesain_10

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