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Wild Horses | Troy Moth
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Wild Horses | Troy Moth

Even though he now lives far from the tree-planting camp where he grew up, Canadian photographer Troy Moth was born and raised a country boy, so it’s really no surprise that he chose to photograph some of North America’s stunning wild horses. His images are beautiful with a kind of ethereal quality about them, and you can definitely see why the talented photographer has been selected to work with big brands such as Urban Outfitters, Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar in the past. See more of his work here.

WildHorse_feeldesain_01 WildHorse_feeldesain_02 WildHorse_feeldesain_03 WildHorse_feeldesain_04 WildHorse_feeldesain_05 WildHorse_feeldesain_06 WildHorse_feeldesain_07 WildHorse_feeldesain_08 WildHorse_feeldesain_09 WildHorse_feeldesain_10 WildHorse_feeldesain_11 WildHorse_feeldesain_12

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