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Little Bishop hook for pendant light cables
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Little Bishop hook for pendant light cables

Little Bishop is a stylish product for those who like a clean way to hang their ceiling lights. The hook has been skilfully designed and hand-cast, and allows you to hang your lights with no knots and, equally importantly, no ugly makeshift solutions. The Little Bishop holds the light in style, and is a unique work of design. We’re looking forward to seeing them around soon. In the meantime, visit the Little Bishop Kickstarter page to learn more.

Hook-Pendant-Lights_feeldesain_01 Hook-Pendant-Lights_feeldesain_02 Hook-Pendant-Lights_feeldesain_03 Hook-Pendant-Lights_feeldesain_04 Hook-Pendant-Lights_feeldesain_05 Hook-Pendant-Lights_feeldesain_06 Hook-Pendant-Lights_feeldesain_07 Hook-Pendant-Lights_feeldesain_08 Hook-Pendant-Lights_feeldesain_09

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