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Designer Crayon Dresses
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Designer Crayon Dresses

We love using crayons creatively, so we adore these dresses made from Crayola wax crayons. Bloomingdales asked several very talented fashion designers, including Nanette Lepore and Rebecca Minkoff, to come up with their own crayon creations for Spring 2015, and each one designed a colourful (albeit not too wearable) spring dress, still incorporating their own signature style.

CrayonDress_feeldesain_01 CrayonDress_feeldesain_02 CrayonDress_feeldesain_03 CrayonDress_feeldesain_04 CrayonDress_feeldesain_05 CrayonDress_feeldesain_06 CrayonDress_feeldesain_07 CrayonDress_feeldesain_08

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