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Limpid Lights | VANTOT
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Limpid Lights | VANTOT

VANTOT is a Netherlands-based studio made up of Sam Van Gurp and Esther Jongsma, and their most recent collection is called Limpid Lights. These hand blown lights play with “the principle of moving the light by moving the lightsource”, so you can adapt the light to make it fuzzy, hazy, blurry, or smoky using glass shades which have been treated in different ways. There’s “Cumulus, which dims through layering, Eclipse which keeps the light contained or sets it free, and Lunar which plays with reflection”.

Images courtesy of VANTOT.

VANTOT_feeldesain_01 VANTOT_feeldesain_02 VANTOT_feeldesain_03 VANTOT_feeldesain_04 VANTOT_feeldesain_06 VANTOT_feeldesain_07 VANTOT_feeldesain_08 VANTOT_feeldesain_05

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