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Ascent: The North Face NightRay Fest | Nocte
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Ascent: The North Face NightRay Fest | Nocte

Commissioned by The North Face for NightRay Outdoor Fest 2015 in Verdon, France, Ascent was created by creative studio Nocte. The interactive installation uses nature as the backdrop and both blends in and highlights the setting around it. The geometric shapes almost make you feel as if you’re looking at a constellation.

Ascent – The North Face NightRay Fest from Nocte on Vimeo.


Photos: Sandra Ciampone

Ascent_feeldesain_01 Ascent_feeldesain_02 Ascent_feeldesain_03 Ascent_feeldesain_04 Ascent_feeldesain_05 Ascent_feeldesain_06

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