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Hand knitted bags | Bamba Knit
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Hand knitted bags | Bamba Knit

Feel Desain met Argetinian based brand Bamba Knit at Bread and Butter Berlin and was striked by the delicately hand-knitted textures of these pieces. The traditional technique of crochet knitting is crossed by  time and space in Bamba. Carefully selecting colours, quality yarns and typologies, the designers Laurencia Piegari and Belen Parra pursue the objective of bringing to the foreground the beauty and the value of the craft trade.

Due to the piece´s artisanal nature, their production takes place in small quantities. Every cloth gets a piece of the soul of the ones who wove it, their time and thoughts. Hand, tension, stitch vary according to the person and its mood. They are objects with a life.

Bamba BBB feeldesain09

Bamba BBB feeldesain08




Bamba BBB feeldesain07

Bamba BBB feeldesain10

Bamba BBB feeldesain11

Bamba BBB feeldesain12

Bamba BBB feeldesain13

Bamba BBB feeldesain06


Bamba BBB feeldesain17

Bamba BBB feeldesain14

Bamba BBB feeldesain15

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