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New Light Installation In Budapest
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It’s called Light Architecture and is the new light installation conceived and created by the Hungarian architects Bálint Botzheim and Sándor Böröcz. The the piece sets the space in motion with a grid of lights that delineates abstract spaces.

How can light be used to create the experience of space?

In Light Architecture, the spectators who visit the installation not only follow the beams but can also walk inside them, becoming themselves an integral and active part of the work. The artists have animated the light effect with the aim of creating architectural geometries that define the physical space in a realistic way.

With the help of virtual components, the viewers not only follow the motion of the shapes and bodies as a performance, but can walk between the light beams, becoming a part of the installation itself.

The artists animated the lighting effect to create architectural geometries that realistically define physical space. Architect Péter Mátrai composed a piece of music for the installation which is a diagonal matrix of harmonious intervals following the rhythm of the flashing sources of light.

Dense beams of light encompass the space, and then shrink into a single tiny sphere. The light point grows and swells into an orblet, its surface sets in motion, and takes on blob-like shapes. The body starts to float as a negative form in the cloud-like configuration.

The blob of light moves upward and gets out of the matrix, the form returns with hard contours, the silhouettes soften up, the light body narrows down and creates a negative space, then elongates, and twists into a slender column.

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