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Tree Bark Waste Homeware Collection
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Tree bark, leaves, natural binding substance. Here’s the materials of GIRIA, a homeware collection by Evelina Kudabaite.

Lithuania-based designer wants to pass the sensations of the forest through material, to establish a connection between the user and the object. As the matter of fact, GIRIA means old big forest.

GIRIA means old big forest.

The project is a homeware collection balancing between tactility, shape and color. Each piece is strong and durable but it should be treated just like ceramic. Oils used on the surface in GIRIA are food safe: it is not recommended to put items under the water or pour liquids into items.

This collection is result of an experimental process by which it was meant to show how materials, which are destined to become waste – tree bark and leaves – can be transformed into sustainable design through the traditional crafts.

It is a research on the alternative and unconventional ways to shape wood, which reminds of the culinary process. During the research a recipe of a unique material that consists of harmless organic substances has been found.

The project is funded by Lithuanian Council for Culture.

Ph. Matas Astrauskas & Justina Charasauskaite

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