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Ceramic Balloons | Nina Jun
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Ceramic Balloons | Nina Jun

Korean artist Nina Jun reexamines the levity and gravity of helium balloons by solidifying them, transforming the typically weightless objects onto ceramic variations of themselves. The icons of celebration are recreated in the solid medium, varying in shape and silhouette; some take on a rectangular formation while others delineate flowers, hearts and stars. The seemingly blown-up items mimic the airy expansion that takes place inside traditional balloons, accurately appropriating visual characteristics of the mylar toy. On each’s facade is painted vibrant colors, patterns, polka dots and 3-dimensional butterflies, adding a sense of whimsy to every creation. Jun explains, ‘helium balloons are symbols of happy occasions but like moments of happiness, they do not last very long. by making permanent balloons, I would like to provide a medium in which our happiness could possibly stay with us forever.’







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