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Striking multi-coloured Onyx Bar Becomes Centrepiece For Playful Office, Store, And Café
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Stone expert SolidNature has collaborated with interior design firm, Anne Claus Interiors to create striking coloured Onyx bar and fixtures for playful new office, store and coffee shop for Dutch media brand &C.

The new &C headquarters, based in the heart of Amsterdam, is a joyful, vivid and stimulating space which reflects the brand’s ethos for people to have fun, inspire and be inspired. The idea was to create an environment that felt like &C employees, as well as visitors, were entering the real-life world of the digital platform.

SolidNature’s pieces of stunning stone featuring unique veins and hues, decorate the workspace in forms of plinths and coffee tables.

Originally one big space, the design team worked hard in just five months to include a store, a coffee shop, two meeting rooms, 25 working spots and a kitchen. The building’s magnificently high ceilings helped to create a spacious feel, despite the space being quite small (600m2).

The stones were specially selected to reflect &C’s colours, creating an environment with a strong brand idenity.

SolidNature’s stunning Onyx bar, which is the highlight of the space, features a number of different coloured pieces of unique stone. SolidNature used the same stone throughout the space for the display plinths, the round table tops in the coffee shop and the boardroom table.

SolidNature’s CEO David Mahyari said, “We used a lot of Onyx in the bar because it has a transparent and soft feel. Onyx also comes in the colours and tones which suit the &C brand”.

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