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8 Questions With…Sandra Rojo
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Sandra Rojo is a Spanish photographer. We discovered her pictures on Instagram and going deeper on her profile and website there is so much inspirational stuff…that well we decided to invite her for Feel Desain’s 8 Questions With format!

Sandra always knew she wanted to be a photographer, but had trouble taking the first step. So if you’re an aspiring photographer, particularly if you’re interested in architecture and design photography, then this interview is for you.

1.Tell us something about your childhood and education. Where did you grow up?

I grow up in a small city near to Barcelona. And, as I can remember, I was a quiet child always searching something to do in creative terms. My mom let me attend to all possible activities: ballet, theater, music, arts and crafts… I was always trying to express all my inner self-world through art and creativity.

2. Can architecture and interior design be defined as your second passion?

It’s possible but I have so many other passions! I recently started to dance again, as a great way to connect myself with my own body. But coming back to your question and both passions you mentioned, architecture and design has a lot to say about people who create it and people who are involved living there, so, architecture is a reflection of us and our way of living and understanding of life, and that’s amazing, don’t you think? How can I don’t be passionate about it?

3. Do you have a favorite photography related memory, whether it be in front or behind the camera?

Maybe the one’s when you are working with people are most relevant in terms of connection, because during the shooting, you have to be in other shoes for a while, observe, talk and sincerely approach to other person, as you can capture their essence. And those sessions are my favorites.

When you are involved in a project you like, most of the images tell things about this space, this person or this moment, instead you don’t see it at first sight, so yes, I really have many precious memories behind the camera.

4. How important is it for you to be able to express your soul through your works?

For me this is the only way. Everything has been expressed or make it yet, so, the only thing can make a difference regarding your work is your own vision about it. This is your most valuable thing, the way you look and see. And you better do it by putting your whole soul into it.

5. Since 2010 you started “The Domo project” where you take pictures of creative people in their homes or work spaces. How was this project born and how do you select those people?

People are directly related with their homes and spaces, it is an extension of us which talks about who we are. Most of us make our place a temple, so this connection always reveals the uniqueness of our personality.

The Domo Project is the best excuse to connect spaces and their occupants, and I started it by exploring all that intimate world with friends and their homes. After a while, it grew up including other people I met by chance in random places, through other Jobs so I decided to add them into the project to make it grow, always including people from design and creative circles. Most of the times, I selected the person first and I went blind to their home to make a shooting, just trusting my intuition. Interesting people always have an interesting home!

6. What’s on your wish list of houses to photograph?

French singer Lou Doillon. You see her and you can imagine all that world that must surround her and that she will have created behind the walls of her home. So cool! Kusama’s home also has to be very interesting (by obvious reasons!).

Private and hidden ancient houses in Rome. A random house in a lost town in Russia or in China. That would also be great! Can you image be a part of this tiny, recondite and intimate space for an instant?

7. You said that you always knew you wanted to be a photographer but had trouble taking the first step. Are there any tips you would like to give to anyone out there who would love to arrive exactly where you are now?

Be confident with yourself. Be kind, not all your goals are achieved in one night. Experience all you need to know in order to get the place you want and be able to express your own voice. That will make a difference. There’s no other “magic formula”. Take risks. The brave is not the one who wins, is the one who dares to try despite the fear.

It’s not about “generating” creativity, it’s about changing your perspective of the world.

8. Your photographic vision is both artistic and creative. Share with us your personal recipe for creativity!

I’ve always been a very sensitive person. When I was a child, it made me feel fragile and vulnerable and I didn’t show that part of me, but life teaches you that, all that sensitivity is a gift to experience the world on another level: music, people, places, light, things around you…

It’s not about “generating” creativity, it’s about changing your perspective of the world. Look with other eyes that which a priori seems anodyne or common, because when you change, everything is renewed. There is beauty and interest in all the little things that are constantly happening around us. And smile, respect and connect with other people, get rich from everything that cross your way.

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