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I Know that Feel, Bro.
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I Know that Feel, Bro.

There is no way for me to express how much I love illustrator and web designer Chris Gerringer‘s series titled I Know That Feel, Bro. The series of illustrations, which echo the artist’s great sense of humor, follow the basic template of placing two subjects, often fictional pop culture characters, side-by-side, bumping fists, who have something in common to commiserate about. The project has really taken off in the last month with Gerringer’s release of over 20 illustrations (that’s 40 different characters) of these well-known figures finding company for their shared misery.

I was immediately drawn in when I saw Genie and Pikachu bonding over their confined living spaces — a lamp and a pokéball, respectively. Other characters that share a good cry together include Sonic the Hedgehog and Captain Planet over their addictive penchant for rings, as well as Kermit the Frog and The Incredible Hulk who both know, first-hand, that it isn’t easy being green.

I’m eager to see which characters will come next in this ongoing series that is clearly heavily influenced by video games and cartoons. Personally, I’m waiting for a Simpsons cameo. Although the series seems to focus on male characters confiding in and consoling each other, I think that a Tinkerbell and Smithers duo under the title “Always a Sidekick, Never a Romantic Interest” would work. Otherwise, Ned Flanders and George Wilson (from Dennis the Menace) could sympathize over their menacing neighbors.

Being Green

Genetic Experiments

Gotta Have Rings

Robot Boys

Been Digitized

Overbearing Fairies

Expendable Minions

Unintelligible Speech

Little Brother Blues

Orphaned Heroes

Last of the Race

Stuck with Scissors

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