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Happarel Bicycles prides itself in having pushed the bounds of innovation with the world’s first fully customized reflective bicycle frames. The frames and accessories are born out of a need to increase visibility for cyclists with an elegant solution for safety that adds to design aesthetic instead of compromising. Alongside reflective bicycles, Happarel produce a short-run of organic handmade t-shirts, cycling caps, scarves and other clothing accessories. Happarel Bicycles is a Berlin-based startup founded by cycling enthusiasts Eberhard Schilling and Antoine CapeyronTheir current focus of reflective products are a result of merging their background in product design with their passion of riding and building bikes. The reflective bicycle began with customisation of regular frames with reflective decals. These smaller accessories were intended to both increase road-visibility and compliment the design of a bicycle in a way that other commercially-available products don’t do. They built upon this initial idea to eventually produce a full range of custom applications such as spoke design, full frame designs and more. For requests, feedback or more information get in touch through

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