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Florabo is a result of actions and dreams of visionaries who desired fresh air in the spaces of big cities. Founded in 2010 by designer and landscape architect Halina Kaminska, Florabo developed its offer by building parallel social awareness of the value of good air in urban spaces. The aim is to introduce Florabo living vegetation to the areas of office buildings and urban spaces on a large scale, actually improving the quality of the residence, performance and health of the buildings’ occupants. Florabo offers access to fresh and healthy air in urban office spaces, is served in an extremely aesthetic, innovative form of plant compositions tailored to customers’ requirements and air quality of the building in question. Thanks to an innovative vertical development of plant breeding methods, products Floraframe or Floraface can make a living and breathing, green images, fragmentary wall compositions, furniture, screens or even whole walls dividing the space. Aesthetically pleasing modular project of wall successfully fulfills its decorative purpose even without its dedicated plants. Thus, at any time, without worrying about the aesthetics of the interior, we can change the composition of plants or purpose of particular wall partitions or modules. Possibilities of arrangement with Floraframe or Floraface are practically unlimited, and each customer’s idea is subject to architectural consultation. Also they have uodate social media pages: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Florabo_FeelDesain_01 Florabo_FeelDesain_02 Florabo_FeelDesain_03 Florabo_FeelDesain_04 Florabo_FeelDesain_05 Florabo_FeelDesain_06 Florabo_FeelDesain_07 Florabo_FeelDesain_08 Florabo_FeelDesain_09 Florabo_FeelDesain_10 Florabo_FeelDesain_11 Florabo_FeelDesain_12 Florabo_FeelDesain_13 Florabo_FeelDesain_14 Florabo_FeelDesain_15 Florabo_FeelDesain_16 Florabo_FeelDesain_17 Florabo_FeelDesain_18


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