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Ex Machina Movie House
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Ex Machina Movie House

If you’ve seen one of this summer’s hottest films, Ex Machina, you’ll no doubt have admired the CEO’s luxurious private retreat and wondered where on earth they filmed the scenes, right? Well we can reveal that the film was shot in Norway, in the Juvet Landscape Hotel that we featured here on Feel Desain almost five years ago (read the original article here). Below, you can see some images of the landscape hotel from the film, and the absolutely stunning views from the floor to ceiling windows over the Norwegian landscape. And we highly recommend going to see the movie, too!

ExMachina_feeldesain_01 ExMachina_feeldesain_02 ExMachina_feeldesain_03 ExMachina_feeldesain_04 ExMachina_feeldesain_05 ExMachina_feeldesain_06 ExMachina_feeldesain_07 ExMachina_feeldesain_08 ExMachina_feeldesain_09 ExMachina_feeldesain_10 ExMachina_feeldesain_11 ExMachina_feeldesain_12 ExMachina_feeldesain_13 ExMachina_feeldesain_14 ExMachina_feeldesain_15 ExMachina_feeldesain_16 ExMachina_feeldesain_17 ExMachina_feeldesain_18 ExMachina_feeldesain_19 ExMachina_feeldesain_20 ExMachina_feeldesain_21 ExMachina_feeldesain_22 ExMachina_feeldesain_23 ExMachina_feeldesain_24 ExMachina_feeldesain_25 ExMachina_feeldesain_26 ExMachina_feeldesain_27 ExMachina_feeldesain_28 ExMachina_feeldesain_29 ExMachina_feeldesain_30 ExMachina_feeldesain_31 ExMachina_feeldesain_32 ExMachina_feeldesain_33 ExMachina_feeldesain_34 ExMachina_feeldesain_35 ExMachina_feeldesain_36 ExMachina_feeldesain_37 ExMachina_feeldesain_38 ExMachina_feeldesain_39 ExMachina_feeldesain_40 ExMachina_feeldesain_41 ExMachina_feeldesain_42

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