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Hanging Paintings, a series of experimental painting
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Hanging Paintings, a series of experimental painting

Tadao Cern created a series of experimental hanging paintings that have nothing to do with paint at all.

These delicate structure, called “Hanging Paintings”, consists of brand new garments and scraps of material that are arranged, draped and wrapped around a simple metal rack, which serves as a canvas.
In this way, the Lithuanian artist, designs creative and minimalist installations are by using colorful pieces of dyed wool which are draped loosely over a metal frame. This unique project came to him as a vision, inspired by a memory of a clothing combination or a childhood memory of his mother’s coat hanging in a closet. He aimed to examine human love for dressing up and to define this fascination in an unconventional art form.

“Every single piece that I did for these series felt like a revelation to me and I keep doing them over and over again” Cern explains. “What I love about them the most is that they are absolutely good-for-nothing object and that nobody ever wore them and nobody will” he added.

Images by Tadao Cern

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