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AM4PAR by Adidas
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AM4PAR by Adidas

The latest pair of running shoes designed by the famous brand Adidas has just arrived in Paris.

The AM4PAR (Adidas Made For Paris) was designed from the physiological and body data of each athlete.

Athletes, adidas fans and sneakerheads are invited to come and experience the SpeedFactory on the forecourt of the Bibliothèque François Mitterrand. Here a huge neon-lights-covered container hosts a futuristic interior set, straight out of the future.

With their smartphones, visitors begin the experiment with face, feet, and body scans. After one minute of running on a treadmill, the data collected in real time is recorded and immediately sent to each runner. Everyone can order his unique and adapted pair of sneakers.

The SpeedFactory, based in Germany, will manufacture sneakers based on the sports profiles it received. As an innovative and ultra-fast production system, this real factory of the future has been designed by adidas to reinvent conventional production and design models.

For the moment, the AM4PAR is available at the adidas store on the Parisians Champs-Élysées.


Photography by Flora Méteyer



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