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Gigs 2 Go | Recycled usb flash drive
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Gigs 2 Go | Recycled usb flash drive

Gigs 2 Go is a low cost, tear-away usb flash drive that fits in your wallet. Made from recycled paper pulp and recycled plastic, this inexpensive, credit card-sized flash drive pack is a fast, easy way to share large files. The molded paper pulp enclosure is made from 100% post-consumer recycled paper, and contains 4 ultra-thin USB chips, each secured inside a recycled plastic tray. Gigs 2 Go is renewable, bio-degradable, lightweight, and affordable! These eco-friendly flash drives are loaded with sophisticated technology; each of the 4 tabs has a chip-on-board (COB) flash memory stick in 1GB, 8GB Capacities (x4).

Gigs-2-Go---Recycled-usb-flash-drive-feeldesain03  Gigs-2-Go---Recycled-usb-flash-drive-feeldesain02 Gigs-2-Go---Recycled-usb-flash-drive-feeldesain01


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