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Force of magnetism creates objects | Jólan Wiel
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Force of magnetism creates objects | Jólan Wiel

The artist Jólan van der Wiel believes that developing new ‘tools’ is an important means of inspiration, allowing new and inspiring forms to take shape. For this, his design practice has always focused on finding applications for unorthodox materials and techniques, like the use of magnetism to gradually ‘grow’ his Gravity Stools.  This piece is underpinned by the notion that everything is influenced by gravity. Designer Jólan Van der Wiel takes advantage of this occurrence by manipulating the natural force of magnetism. The design rises from a bowl of liquid plastic mixed with iron due to natural magnetism. The form of the stool is characterized by pointed and organic shapes that reflect natural forms. You can shop here the collection!

Images credit:  Jólan van der Wiel

MagnetismObjects_FeelDesain_03 MagnetismObjects_FeelDesain_02 MagnetismObjects_FeelDesain_04 MagnetismObjects_FeelDesain_05



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