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EWE Studio: Forniture and Lighting Born Of Fire
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EWE Studio: Forniture and Lighting Born Of Fire

Mexican design collective EWE Studio produced a series of innovative objects made from glass.

The collection titled Alquimia, which means Alchemy in English, is the second from EWE Studio. The trio of designs includes a varied range of materials, all of which were altered by fire in some way.

“Fire played a significant role in the transformation of all three pieces,” said a statement from EWE Studio. “It altered and changed the characteristics of the materials involved – wood, steel and blown glass – involved in the manufacturing process, generating fascinating textures and mesmerising deep colours.”

The largest of the set is a dining table named Humo, which measures 2.6 metres long and is held up by an off-centre base.

Oiled and burnt steel forms the support, anchored into a 300-kilogramme block of Mexican Orizaba black marble that acts as a counterweight.

“To find the perfect stone, we looked directly in a quarry for a black marble with enough weight, personality and size to support the rest of the structure,” said EWE Studio. “It was important that the shape of the stone was carved by the mountain and the environmental conditions.”

The lamps can be used on the wall, floor or ceiling, either alone or in tessellated clusters depending on the required size.

EWE Studio was founded by Mexico designer Hector Esrawe, Spanish industrial designer Manuel Bañó Granell, and creative director and curator Age Salajõe from Estonia.

Photo credits: EWE Studio

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