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8 Questions With Studio Spass
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How fun is to work in creative fields? Studio Spass definitely knows it!

“Spass” literally translates to “fun” in German is the Rotterdam-based agency motto. Since 2008 founders Jaron Korvinus and Daan Mens can combine rigorous, considered and intelligent approach with a playful sensibility. Working on custom type design and typographic installations is one of their hobbyhorses!

But…Studio Spass is not only about typo: recently they unveiled a new interior project called Unusual Volume. Once again creativity first: the aim was to create a contemporary interpretation of an Urban Jungle. Are you curious to see the result? Take a look here!

We’re fascinated by their optical illusions and love them, so enjoy 8 questions with Studio Spass.

Zig Zag Zuid Architecture Festival

1.You work across print, branding, web and spatial design projects as well as animation and photography. If you have to choose, which is the one you’ve never got tired of?

We love the dynamics of working across disciplines, it keeps us sharp and focused. For each new concept we try to find the right medium to enhance the message.
The good news is that we don’t have to choose between all these tools. Actually this is why we found the studio in the first place; Showing the fun you can have during the creative process.
We do admire and love to collaborate with skilled designers that specialise on one particular technique. If we were forced to choose we would say spatial design is something that has given our studio great added value.

2.You’re from Rotterdam, but you’re internationally known (Seoul, Berlin and so on). Do you think there is a city that offers more inspiration/possibilities than others?

The city is always an inspiring place, it’s an interesting melting pot of people, cultures, architecture, food an very important; local curiosities. The last couple of years we have been introduced to the big cities in Asia and we must say it has really exceeded all our expectation. In particular Seoul, Osaka, Tokyo and Hong Kong are unbelievable great places with great people and so many things to offer. Every city is unique and always has great stories.

Last year we visited Torino for the first time and we were very inspired by local experiences like Casa Molino and the test track on top of the Lingotto building by Matté Trucco. We heard we have to come back for some other fun places like the fruit museum.

3.What is the best piece of advice you would give to someone who’s about to get exactly where you are?

Always try to keep on learning and most important: keep doing what you love, in the end thats what counts.

4.In your latest work, Unusual Volume you said the inspiration came from a Roberto Burle Marx quote. What’s your recipe for being more creative?

Every commission comes with a unique context that you can take advantage of or relate to. For Unusual Volume, we wanted to break with the cliché images of an urban jungle. Burle Marx handed us a opportunity with this quote we found at an exhibition in Berlin.
We don’t have a set recipe that always works. Sometimes the context hands you the input for a concept, but it can also happen that we just doodle something unconsciously and your ‘gut feeling’ tells you its Right.

The Street Sculpture

5.The most exciting/challenging project you worked for?

Every project had a nice story to it but some of our favs so far are SO ME THING and the Street Sculptures.

6.Feel Desain is based in Italy – how do you think Italian design has shaped the history of design?

We love Italian design, there is a huge history and so many great things still coming from you country. We love Fortunato Depero, are big Memphis lovers and are still blown away by all the graphic design giants from the 60’s.
We were a visiting guest at Torino Graphic Days, there we saw some amazing collection original copies of Stile Industria. Timeless classics such as the august ’61 cover by Pino Tovaglia.

7.What future projects do you have in the pipeline?

Several identities, a book, an installation and something fun abroad! We hare happy we don’t have to choose!

8.Finally, do you have a message for our readers?

Thanks you for your interest in our work. We hope to come back to Italy soon!

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