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Dismaland Bemusement Park | Banksy
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Dismaland Bemusement Park | Banksy

Weston-Super-Mare is not one of the UK’s most inspiring places, and that’s possibly why famously mysterious artist Banksy chose it as the location for his dingy pop-up theme park, Dismaland. The event runs until the end of September and features artworks by 58 global artists (hand picked by Banksy, naturally), as well as some installations by Banksy himself (including a fairly disturbing sculpture of Cinderella after a pumpkin carriage crash). Dismaland is full of anarchy, sarcasm and misery, and is halfway between a theme park and an exhibition, providing a commentary on Banksy’s favourite themes of anti-consumerism, celebrity culture, and law enforcement. If you’re in the UK in the next few weeks and would like to see Banksy’s project for yourself, you can buy tickets online here.

Dismaland_feeldesain_01 Dismaland_feeldesain_02 Dismaland_feeldesain_03 Dismaland_feeldesain_04a Dismaland_feeldesain_04b Dismaland_feeldesain_05 Dismaland_feeldesain_06 Dismaland_feeldesain_07 Dismaland_feeldesain_08 Dismaland_feeldesain_09 Dismaland_feeldesain_10 Dismaland_feeldesain_11 Dismaland_feeldesain_12 Dismaland_feeldesain_13 Dismaland_feeldesain_14 Dismaland_feeldesain_15 Dismaland_feeldesain_16

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