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Lodz Design Festival 2016
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Lodz Design Festival 2016

The 10th edition of Lodz Design Festival will take place on 13-23 October 2016 and its theme is Identity.


Łódź Design Festival has already became tradition – every October since 2007 Łódź becomes the capital of Polish design. The event is attended by the most important designers, producers and distributors of the design industry. Exhibitions include premieres and classics of world design, whereas in meetings and lectures experts from Poland and abroad personally share their experience with the audience. Presentations of renowned brands are accompanied by inspiring and bold debuts of young artists.

The jubilee 10th edition of ŁDF begins on the 13th of October and is going to last until the 23rd of October. The festival days will be filled with events related to architecture, 2D and 3D design, new technologies, brand and product identity. More than 50 experts representing such brands as e.g. Ceramika Paradyż, Audi, IKEA or Disney will share their experience during various kinds of presentations.

The leading theme of this years’ edition is Identity. In his book Design for the Real World, Victor Papaneg wrote “Designing is the most powerful tool for shaping own creations and environment by a human being, and therefore, shaping oneself”.

Michał Piernikowski, Head of ŁDF: “Inspired by this idea, together with invited designers and curators, we are going to think about how the identity of artists and their audiences is manifested through design. We will also attempt to answer the question of what shapes the identity of places where we live. In the business block, we will talk about the features that define well-designed objects.”

The anniversary is also an opportunity to summarize the past and make plans for the future. In fact, it is the future, technologies, robotisation, new challenges which mankind has to face and innovative data visualisations are the theme of two festival exhibitions: Everyda(y)ta and Random Darknet Shopper. The former brings attention to the way in which data visualisations change the perception of everyday life, especially how designers use gathered information to depict the society of these days. Thomas Clever, a curator who was invited to work with us on this project, made a selection of international and up-to-date reviews of innovative data visualisation. Random Darknet Shopper is a result of experiment conducted by the !Mediengruppe Bitnik group, which sent an automated bot on-line shopping in the so-called “darknet” – a hidden Internet, accessible only for a small group of people. With a weekly budget of $100 the bot chose one of 16 000 available products at random. The collection presents 25 elements purchased by the bot between October 2014 and March 2016 for exhibitions in Kunst Halle Gallen, Horatio Junior Gallery in London and in the Aksioma Contemporary Art Ljubljana Institute. “There’s just one problem”, The Washington Post noted in January 2015 about the work, “recently, it has bought 10 ecstasy pills”. In its review, The Guardian asked: “Can a robot, or a piece of software, be jailed if it commits a crime? Where does legal liability lie if a code is criminal by design or default?”.

We reflect on the widely and differently interpreted identity along with selected graphic designers and illustrators while viewing posters presented during the Eye-dentity – Poster Stories exhibition and presentation of innovative package projects as part of Inside the box. A special jubilee exhibition

Lodz Design festival 2016



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