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Designer Side Tables
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Designer Side Tables

Bed side tables of today are not what they used to be. They are no more that dull little place where you keep an alarm clock or glasses. They have evolved into creative decorative pieces, capable of standing on their own.

Side table hunters, this one is for you! We’ve scoured the web to bring you the most creative side table designs that exist. Glass, wood, steel or plastic we got them all. Designs featured in this list include the work of some of the best minds in the industry and not surprisingly they sport a beautiful balance of form and function. Don’t expect to see some of these side tables when you walk into your local store!

side table magazine holder

Stephane de Sousa’s minimalist bedside table has a waterproof surface, a book shelf and an innovative ‘bookmark’.


modern side table

The 2 leg, slanting sidetable by Frank Flavell.


The cute and funky Metro U side table.

fancy side table

A fancy balancing box table from Porro.


A similar concept of bed-side table integration, by designer Mieke Meijer but this has a more fixed arrangement.

alphabet side table

Actually if you are into alphabet side tables, ‘Z’ is not your only option. Andrew Martin side tables cover the whole range. Check them out.

love table

Designer Hideyuki Kishimoto calls this the ‘H_stool’, we call it the ‘Love Side Table’.


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