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Grippine | Sovrappensiero Design Studio
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Grippine | Sovrappensiero Design Studio

In today’s society, a trend has begun in which transportation preferences have shifted from driving automobiles to riding bicycles. increased interest in the two-wheeled mechanism is due to the convenience it provides while getting around the city – for going to work, for exploring the outdoors, and for heading out at night. yet, a problem arises in respect to its design. without adequate footwear that can generate enough traction, bicyclists are unable to pedal efficiently. providing a solution to this problem are ‘grippine’ by sovrappensiero design studio. the product is made of flexible silicone shells with deep ridges that have the ability to adapt to any kind of bike pedal, giving it new life through bright colors and an easy installation process free of screws or bolts. the material and geometry of the texture guarantee a firm grip and adhesion between the pedal and sole of the shoe. the project is crowdfunding on eppela here.


sovrappensiero-grippine-bike-pedals-traction-FEELDESAIN_2 sovrappensiero-grippine-bike-pedals-traction-FEELDESAIN_3 sovrappensiero-grippine-bike-pedals-traction-FEELDESAIN_4 sovrappensiero-grippine-bike-pedals-traction-FEELDESAIN_5 sovrappensiero-grippine-bike-pedals-traction-FEELDESAIN_6 sovrappensiero-grippine-bike-pedals-traction-FEELDESAIN_7 sovrappensiero-grippine-bike-pedals-traction-FEELDESAIN_1


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