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Sneakerboy Melbourne Store
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Sneakerboy Melbourne Store

Another great project by March Studio, Sneakerboy Melbourne Store.

The way in which we shop has changed dramatically over the past few years. Yet as High Street shopping is replaced with the convenience of the online store, the experience of touching, trying, and smelling an object will never be replaced. Whilst some of the larger chains are struggling to implement web based change, the new Sneakerboy Melbourne concept store is taking it to another level.

The store interior has been designed by local architecture practice March Studio, featuring a 80 sqm. [861 sq.ft.] futuristic tunnel-like setting with elongated shelving on both sides. a small seating section with ipads on which to order your new trophies is situated in the back. so, what’s in store? the range at sneakerboy is stellar, including maison martin margielacommon projectsalexander mcqueenadidas slvr and boris bidjan saberi. a second store is to open shortly in sydney. location: 265 little bourke street, Melbourne.

Sneakerboy-Melbourne-Store-by-March-Studio-feeldesain01 Sneakerboy-Melbourne-Store-by-March-Studio-feeldesain02 Sneakerboy-Melbourne-Store-by-March-Studio-feeldesain03 Sneakerboy-Melbourne-Store-by-March-Studio-feeldesain04 Sneakerboy-Melbourne-Store-by-March-Studio-feeldesain05 Sneakerboy-Melbourne-Store-by-March-Studio-feeldesain06 Sneakerboy-Melbourne-Store-by-March-Studio-feeldesain07 Sneakerboy-Melbourne-Store-by-March-Studio-feeldesain08 Sneakerboy-Melbourne-Store-by-March-Studio-feeldesain09 Sneakerboy-Melbourne-Store-by-March-Studio-feeldesain10 Sneakerboy-Melbourne-Store-by-March-Studio-feeldesain11

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