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Animal Regulation Series | Liu Di
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Animal Regulation Series | Liu Di

Beijing is full of huge, decrepit structures, some abandoned, some underused, some just falling apart. And then there are the open spaces–courtyards, tenements, alleys–that are just as unused. To draw attention to these parts of the city forgotten amid massive development, 25-year-old artist Liu Di decided to Photoshop in some enormous animals to his photos of the city.


Liu manipulates the animals to appear as obese and as grotesque as possible, with small heads and absurdly beefy bodies. It’s as funny as it is sly: What better way to call attention to Beijing’s abandoned spaces than with an actual elephant (or frog or rhino) in the room. The series, Animal Regulation, is part of a group show featuring the work of other young Chinese artists. Curated by Barbara Pollack, it’s on display in two locations in Florida: at the Tampa Museum of Art and the Museum of Fine Arts in St. Petersburg.










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