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Crosby Studios’ Purple Furniture Collection
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Crosby Studios’ Purple Furniture Collection

Harry Nuriev, the founder and artist of Crosby Studios, enjoys designing a platform for independent designers. From custom furniture to art objects, all-purple furniture collection launched during NYCxDesign.

Hand shapes are found throughout the range of designs in the surrealist collection, which are all the same purple hue.

“The collection embodies an anatomical theme with playful, cartoon-like figurative abstraction and appendage-like constructions,” said the studio, led by Russian designer Harry Nuriev.

The pieces take cues from Mexican artist Pedro Friedeberg’s iconic hand chair – a plastic replica of which Nuriev acquired from the sidewalk outside his Brooklyn apartment.

Other influences include Italy’s Radical Design movement, with references like the baseball-mitt-like Joe chair designed by Jonathan De Pas, Donato D’Urbino and Paolo Lomazzi in 1970.

These precedents can be seen in Crosby Studios‘ glove-shaped swivel chair, where a palm acts as the seat and the fingers curl up to form the back.

Crosby Studios’ other projects range from cafe-bakery in Moscow  to new interiors for offices like NGRS project.

Photography is by Mikhail Loskutov, courtesy of Opening Ceremony.

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