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Surrealistic Photographs of Handpainted Silk Scarves
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Surrealistic Photographs of Handpainted Silk Scarves

Surrealistic photographs of handpainted silk scarves have been created by the Mikel Muruzabal for his last advertisement shooting.

Recently, he made stunning still-life photographs for the new hand-painted silk scarf brand campaign, Alfredo Arranz. For this series, the artist gave life to the scarves by representing them in surrealist style photos. Thus, the silk is transformed into an ice-cream, a snake, and sometimes flies away with the wind. Original pictures to discover on Behance.

Mikel has spent the last ten years struggling for shooting what he loves: fashion, buildings and objects. In that time he has won seven awards, has exhibited his work four times and, as he defined him self, “he is still as daydreamer as ever”.

Photography by Alfredo Arranz

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