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Crème de la Creme Egg Café | Cadbury
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Crème de la Creme Egg Café | Cadbury

Some say it’s a PR stunt, others claim it’s the best thing since sliced bread, but where do you stand on The Crème de la Creme Egg Café? The spot in London’s Greek Street has just opened, and serves various specialities all based on the British chocolate classic, the Creme Egg. Naturally, everything comes served with a nice cup of tea, and after you’ve eaten, you can also enjoy the ball pit (not just for kids!) and the fun “Press for Creme Egg” button and egg chute. The whole café is Creme Egg themed (so is very purple), and seems to be hugely popular in the British capital. Much like Creme Eggs themselves, it’s only available for a short time (until the beginning of March), so if you want to visit, head there now!


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